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What to look for in a car rental deal.

What is the excess in the case of an accident - (damage liability)?
This varies depending on the car rental company - obviously, the lower the liability the better. Take into consideration the normal damage liability and the amout you have to pay to reduce this liability to an acceptable level.

How many kilometres a day can I do free in the rental vehicle.
Once again this does vary a great deal - usually from 50kms a day to unlimited. Make sure you have enough kilometres at the commencement of the car hire because it will cost you considerably more if you do excess kilometres during your hire.

Cheap advertised deals
Be wary of cheap deals advertised in the press and online. The cheap deal advetised may not include all kinds of ad-ons, such as registration fee, airport location fee etc. Make sure you obtain the "total cost" of the hire to avoid any doubt. We always quote total cost in our emails and online quotes.